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February 8th, 2013

sunny_speck: (Default)
Friday, February 8th, 2013 10:54 am
Вчера вечером узнала о существовании такого замечательного полуматематического поэтического чуда Sestina. Пишут, что она была популярна у трубадуров.
Решила попробовать:

I see a red December rose
Which blossoms bravely in the sun
Admiring its lively pose
And catching glimpses on the run.
Another day and fluffy snow
Will bring the end to all this glow,

Will hide the mighty of the sun,
Will cover my December rose,
And no people on the run
Will see again its lively pose.
Don't say farewell to all this glow:
It's only covered with the snow.

You cannot see it on the run
But underneath of all this snow
It's waiting, waiting for the sun
It's gaining force again to glow
And take again its lively pose.
My little red December rose,

I'm craving for your force to glow;
It's not for glimpses on the run...
I see, you are afraid of snow,
I know, you'll prefer the sun
To shine at you, my little rose
To help you keep your lively pose.

The sun has gone: you have the snow
Which shapes in white your lively pose
And only dreaming can you glow
My little brave December rose...
Nice dreams of glimpses on the run
In mighty blossom of the Sun.

I know you'll keep your lively pose,
The day will come, I'll see your glow
My little brave December rose
Once covered deeply with the snow
And then recovered by the sun
Attracting glimpses on the run.

You'll glow even through the snow
And keep your pose on the run
My little rose in the sun.